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The education loan segment has seen tremendous developments and has created a gateway for many students to fulfill their aspirations. The present rate of economic growth of the country demands technically and professionally trained man power in large numbers. In this backdrop, study loans are seen as investments for economic development and prosperity. At Study For India , we help the students to get the Education Loan, we have certain banks and financial companies tied up, which help the process of bank loan easier and fast. We try out best to make the entire loan process simple and hassle free. We understand how important a role finances play in student lives, especially when it comes to pursue MBA/PGDM etc. Now students do not have to worry about the Education Loan, we are here to guide the students in every process.

Why take Education Loan?

Quality education is a must for a complete and successful life. For many, it is equivalent to graduating from a top institution. The cost of education is, however, increasing rapidly. In fact, the cost of studying at reputed institutions is already quite high.

Keeping this in mind, parents, who want to provide their children with the best possible education, invest their money in mutual funds (MFs), fixed deposits (FDs), unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs), etc., for the long term.

But despite all this, one may still encounter shortage of funds. An education loan, therefore, plays a vital role in such a scenario by helping to bridge the gap between the shortfall and the required amount.

According to studies, the cost of education is increasing at an average of 15% per annum. The tentative cost of an MBA is up from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 20 lakh in 15 years. So if a couple starts saving Rs 2,000 per month for 15 years, at an average rate of 12%, they will be able to save approximately 9.5 Lakh.

Documents Required

  • Know Your Customer Documents (KYC) - Address, Age & Nationality proofs like Passport, Aadhaar, Pan card and other documents of both student and guarantor/parent
  • Attested Marks Sheets & Certificates- Starting from 10th Standard
  • Admission Letter as issued by the admitting School/College/Institute
  • All essential documents issued by the admitting School/College/Institute, including prospectus, breakup of fees, etc
  • Income Proof- Bank statements (6 months), Salary slips (3 months) & ITR of Parent/Guarantor
  • Studying Abroad- Employment Contract, Entry Permit, Admission letter & I-20 Form from Foreign Institution
  • Property documents if immovable property is offered as security
  • If Employed- Resignation letter, Acceptance of Resignation letter or Sanction letter for study leave

How Do I Apply?

If you have all documents ready or if you need guidance in getting loan, one of our representative call you back and help you to get the education loan.

Our Partners

We are tied up with certain banks and collages

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we receive your enquiry, one of our representative will contact you and verify for documents and let you know whether you are eligible or not for education loan.

2. What does an education loan cover?

It covers the basic course fee and other related expenses such as (college) accommodation, exam and other miscellaneous charges.

It is offered to students who want to study in India or pursue higher education overseas. The maximum amount offered for studies in India and overseas are different and varies from one bank to another.

The rate of interest across the country for education loans range from 10% to 16.50%. However the rate of interest may vary bank to bank or any other financial institution.

The repayment period is generally between 7 and 10 years, but can be extended beyond that as well. Repayment period will be start after the competition of the course

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