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Student Referral

Here is a referral program for everyone Every new User or existing student can participate in referral program and start referring their friends and family and earn up to Rs 30,000 per student. We understand it’s difficult for students to survive in Hostels, the expenses exceed the pocket money, but here is an opportunity for existing students to bring their friends in same college or refer them to a different college and earn good amount.

How do I refer?

Your phone number is your referral code, you have to create an account in Study For India and then share your phone number with your friend to whom you want to refer. Your friend has to use your phone number at the time of signing up. You can also click the Refer Now button below and provide your friend’s details; our expert will take care of the rest.

The more you refer, the more you earn.

Referral slab for 2019

Slab Type Slab Details Your Earnings Your Friend’s Earnings
Beginners 1-5 Referrals 5,000 per Referral 5,000
Expert 6-10 Referrals 10,000 per Referral 5,000
Professional 11-15 Referrals 15,000 per Referral 5,000
Gold 16-20 Referrals 20,000 per Referral 5,000
Diamond 20+ Referrals 30,000 per Referral 5,000

Terms & conditions

1. Referral program is applicable on both MBA and PGDM full time regular course.

2. Referral program is applicable for all the colleges except ITM Navi Mumbai.

3. The person who referred and the friend will only get paid on confirmed admissions through SFI.

4. If existing 1st or 2nd year students are referring their friends then only the students who has referred will get the benefit, their friends will not get the benefit.

5. Slab is applicable for one year, means if the academic session starts from July 2019 then the slab will be counted from current period till July 2019.After July 2019 a new cycle will start and slab system will start from beginning.

6. Payouts will be done via cheque or IMPS in November.

7. If any of party claims for refund after depositing the fees, payouts will get cancelled.

8. If any of the party is eligible for scholarship, then the scholarship percentage will be deducted from payout, example- the person you referred gets 25% scholarship on total fees then 25% of your earning will get deducted.

9.Earnings are not applicable if the person who is referring or the person who is referred is getting any scholarship through SFI or apply through Management Quota.

10. Creating fake account and performing other activities in order to get referral earning may block your account permanently, adhar card details and other verification will be performed by us at the time of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Your mobile number is your referral code. we have kept it as simple as possible so that you can freely share your referral details with your friends and family.

Q. I am a student and I am searching for colleges, if I refer a friend how will I get benefit?

A. If you refer a friend and you both take admissions through SFI, both will get earnings.

A. If your friend take admission through SFI, then you will get paid however your friend will not get paid.

A. If your friend does not take admission, it means your referral will not get counted and hence you will not get paid.

A. Yes you can refer your friend to any of the eligible colleges, you have to create your account in SFI and then you can share your referral code with your friend.

A. Yes you can refer, just you have to create an account before referring. .

A. Yes you can see all your friends whom you have referred under My Referrals in your profile page.

A. If your referred friends get 25% scholarship in total fees, then 25% of your total earning will get deducted.

A. If you get 25% scholarship then 25% will get deducted from your friends earning however you will get the full amount as yours is not getting any scholarship.

Didn’t have a Referral Code, Use SFI Number 9681248456 at the time of signup and Earn Rs 5000 after your admission is confirmed.

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